25 Slicked Back Hairstyles 2019

Slicked back hair is one of the most popular men’s hairstyles of 2019. With a modern slicked back haircut, guys combine a low or high fade with long hair on top to create a stylish and cool hairstyle. Some men even prefer to get a slicked back undercut, a variation of the hairstyle that offers even more contrast than the slick back fade.

If you like slicked back hairstyles for men and want to learn the right way to slick back your hair, this guide will teach you everything you need to know about the style. From how to slick back thick or curly hair to whether you should pick an undercut or fade haircut to how to style and get the look, this guide will put you up-to-date with the latest trend in the world of men’s hair.

What Is Slicked Back Hair?

Slicking back hair is one way to style a “short sides with long top” hairstyle. Similar to the quiff and pompadour, slicked back hair involves applying product (e.g. pomade) to give your hair a sleek, shiny look as it combed back. Some guys like to add volume or texture to their long slicked hairstyle, while others prefer their slicked back hair to sit flat.

Long Slicked Back Undercut
High Skin Fade with Slicked Back Hairstyle
Mens Slicked Back Hairstyles
Low Fade with Slicked Back Haircut
Slicked Back Hair with High Skin Fade and Stubble
Slick Back Fade High Fade with Hard Part and Textured Slick Back
Slicked Back Undercut with Beard

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