Skin Fade Haircuts / Bald Fade Haircut 2019 | Men’s Haircut + Hairstyle 2019

Modern and stylish, the skin fade haircut for men has become very popular in the last few years. Also known as the bald fade or zero fade haircut, this trendy men’s hairstyle comes in a variety of forms, including the high, mid, and low skin fade. Similarly, guys can combine the cut with a side part, quiff, comb-over, pompadour or faux hawk for a cool style.

With classic shaved sides all around and a long top, the bald fade haircut is easy to get at your local barbershop and low-maintenance to keep. The incredible contrast between the top and faded sides makes the men’s skin fade one of our favorite cuts. Learn more about the bald taper fade hairstyle to find out if it’s the best haircut for you!

What Is The Skin Fade Haircut?

The skin fade cut involves long hair on top of the head, which gradually becomes shorter as it moves towards the neck. The ‘fade’ effect is given by the gradually shorter hair length, and the overall look is a top-heavy hairstyle similar to favorites such as the undercut or the pompadour. Instead of having a consistent, regular hair length all over the head, the men’s skin fade haircut allows more variation with a sleek fade into the neck all around.

Variations on the bald fade mainly involve where the taper starts and the different lengths of hair, both on the top and around the sides. A low skin fade haircut can look more professional, while a mid to high skin fade looks sporty and more practical. Some hairstyles involving the skin fade also use techniques such as the disconnect to add emphasis and make the haircut more of a fashion statement.


How To Get A Skin Fade

Getting a skin fade haircut should be a simple process with a good barber. The technical part of the process is the gradual buzzing of the sides using a hair clipper, so having an experienced barber and a specific idea of how you want this done will help.



How To Style A Skin Fade  

The skin fade is one of the best and coolest men’s hairstyles now, and styling it can enhance the look. Although you won’t be styling the bald fade haircut itself, there are many different hairstyles that go with the cut. For example, a voluminous quiff can make them look retro and natural, while a slicked back skin fade looks sharp and edgy.


Skin Fade Side Part


Faded Pompadour


Skin Fade Quiff


Slicked Back Hair


Low Skin Fade with Shape Up and Long Comb Over


Slicked Back Hair with High Skin Fade


Spiked Hair with High Skin Fade


Side Part with Mid Skin Fade


Mid Skin Fade and Line Up with Short Curly Hair


Low Skin Fade with Brush Up


High Skin Fade with Comb Over and Hard Part


High Skin Fade with Edge Up and Brushed Back Hair


Faux Hawk with High Skin Fade with Shape Up


Low Skin Fade with Hair Design and Quiff


Mid Skin Fade with Modern Pompadour


Long Textured Slick Back with Low Skin Fade


Skin Fade with Hard Part Comb Over and Beard


Low Skin Fade with Long Hair on Top


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